Harte Insurance


Name: Patton Insurances Ltd t/a Harte Insurance
Address: 18 Academy Court, Oliver Plunkett Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, F92 D684.
Telephone: 074 912 59
Patton Insurance Ltd is registered in the companies office; Company number 331583

Patton Insurance Ltd t/a Harte Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Patton Insurance Limited t/a Harte Insurance is subject to the Central Bank Consumer Protection Code and Minimum Competency Code which offer protection to consumers and the Codes can be found on the Central Bank website:

We will provide advice to clients in respect of non-life insurance products provided by Product Producers authorised to transact such business in the Republic of Ireland and with whom we hold a letter of appointment. The Product Producers we transact business with are:

  • Alliance Plc
  • Aviva Insurance Ltd
  • Zurich Insurance Ireland Limited
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Limited
  • Alan B Kidd
  • RSA Insurance Ireland Limited
  • AXA
  • Cover Centre
  • Hickey Clarke & Langan General Ins Ltd
  • Wrightway Underwriting Limited
  • Patrona Underwriting Limited
  • Frost Insurances Limited
  • Blue Insurance
  • ARB Underwriting Limited
  • Premium Credit Limited
  • Arachas
  • Aiken Insurances Ltd
  • Bump Insurance
  • Broker Options ( Worldwide Insurance )
  • Capital IM Insurance
  • Brady Insurance Ltd
  • Hooper Dolan Insurance Ltd
  • KennCo Underwriting Ltd
  • Motorists Insurance Services
  • Mc Carthy Insurance Group
  • Optis Insurance Ltd
  • O’Driscoll O’Neill Dac
  • RSA Insurance Ireland Dac
  • Stuart Insurances Ltd
  • Thomond Underwriting Ltd
  • Dolmen Insurance Ltd

The services provided will include arranging insurance cover, dealing with administration of such insurance including policy/cover amendments, renewals and claims handling. We ensure that we act honestly, fairly and with due skill and diligence in the best interests of our customer’s and in the integrity of the market. In providing the services outlined above we will only advise on matters in which we are knowledgeable and will refer clients to specialists (e.g. solicitors, accountants, architects, engineers, loss assessors and the like) when necessary.

We are members of the Investor Compensation Scheme established under the Investor Compensation Act, 1998. This legislation provides for the establishment of a compensation scheme and to the payment, in certain circumstances, of compensation to clients of firms covered by the Act. However, you should be aware that compensation will only arise where money or investment held by this firm on your behalf cannot be returned either for the time being or for the foreseeable future and where the client falls within the definition of eligible investor as contained in that Act. In the event that a right to compensation is established, the amount payable is the lesser of 90 per cent of your loss which is recognised as being eligible for compensation or €20,000.

If you have any complaints regarding the service you have received from us please refer such complaints to the Managing Director, Patton Insurance Limited trading as Harte Insurance, Academy Court, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. We will: acknowledge all written complaints received, in writing, within 5 days of receipt: conduct a thorough and fair investigation into all written complaints: provide a written update on the progress of such investigation at intervals of not greater than 20 business days: within 5 days of the completion of the investigation of a complaint advise you in writing of the outcome of the investigation. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our investigation into the complaint they may refer the matter to the Financial Services Ombudsman’s Bureau, 3rd Floor, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.

We are remunerated for services to our clients by commission paid by the product producer and/or by fees. The maximum fee charged in respect of personal lines insurance will be €50.00. The amount of any fee charged in addition to the premium will be disclosed separately.            


MOTOR €50.00 Max €50.00 Max €50.00
HOUSEHOLD €50.00 Max €50.00 $Max €50.00
FARM €50.00 Max €50.00 $Max €50.00
TRACTOR €50.00 Max €50.00 Max €50.00
COMMERCIAL 25.00% 25% of premium Max €50.00
WEDDING €50.00 n/a Max €50.00




Section 25 G (1) and (2) of the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 specifies the circumstances in which we are permitted to accept premiums. We will accept payments by cheque, cash, credit card only in such circumstances. Receipts will be issued in respect of each payment so received under Section 30 of the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995. Such receipts provide you with important protection and should be retained, with all insurance documentation, in a safe place.

Premiums are payable prior to inception of cover and on or before renewal date in respect of policies falling due for renewal. Very strict rules apply under the Financial Regulation / Legislation governing payments of premiums to insurance companies. To avoid cancellation of any policy (ies) premiums must be paid prior to cover being arranged and at or prior to renewal date.

Where a policy amendment or cancellation results in a premium rebate being due to you we will refund the premium to you within 5 working days of the rebate becoming due. The premium rebate becomes due to you once we have received the premium rebate from the insurer/product producer.

We are independent of all the Product Producers with whom we transact business. We have no affiliation of any kind with any Institution that would compromise our ability to offer our clients independent advice. Our philosophy is to remain independent of all Product Producers because we believe that to do so is in the best interest of both our clients and ourselves. In the unlikely event that our conflict of interest does arise we will ensure that our clients are fairly treated whilst discharging our obligations to the market. We will endeavour to do so in a transparent and verifiable manner.

A Product Producer may cancel your insurance if you fail to pay premiums as agreed when arranging the insurance. Should any such default occur during the first period of insurance (normally within 12 months of cover first being arranged) Insurers will apply short term rates which means you will not receive a refund on a pro-rata basis for the unexpired period of cover. In cases where minimum and deposit premiums apply (commonly imposed by Insurers from Employers and Public Liability Risks) no refund of premium will be allowed in the event of mid term cancellation.

A consumer (as defined by S.I. No 853 of 2004) has the right to withdraw from an insurance policy (as defined by S.I. No 853 of 2004) within 14 days of the start date of the policy without penalty and without giving any reason (provided no claims have been made or no incidents have occurred that might give rise to a claim). The right of withdrawal may be exercised by notice in writing to us quoting your policy number. Should this right be exercised the Insurance Company will charge a pro-rata premium for the period you are on cover. If the cover is motor insurance the premium cannot be refunded until the Certificate of Insurance and windscreen disc have been returned to us.

You, the customer, can cancel your policy by notice in writing at any time. Provided that no incident giving rise to a claim has occurred in the current period of insurance you will be entitled to a proportionate return of the premium for the unexpired period of insurance. If you cancel the insurance during the first year (outside the cooling off period) short term rates may apply. Please refer to the terms and conditions contained in your policy document. In the case of cancellation of a motor insurance policy you, the customer, must return the certificate of insurance and windscreen disc to Patton Insurance Ltd, trading as Harte Insurance. Insurance companies normally reserve the right to cancel policies at any time by giving appropriate sent to your last known address. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions for details.

The laws of Ireland form the basis for establishing relations between you and Patton Insurance Ltd trading as Harte Insurance. All contracts, terms, conditions and communications relating to any policies you may enter into with this firm will be in English.

Patton Insurance Ltd trading as Harte Insurance is a Data Controller as defined in the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. We collect your personal details in order to provide the highest standard of service to you. We take great care with the information we obtain, taking steps to ensure that it is only used for legitimate purposes. To fulfil these objectives we may share information with other affiliated professionals. You have the right at any time to request a copy of any personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1988 (as amended or re-enacted from time to time) that our office holds about you and to have any inaccuracies in that data corrected.

Policy conditions require you to notify insurers immediately of any claims or the occurrence of any incident that might give rise to a claim. It is essential that we are notified immediately of any such incidents and we will then deal with the matter on your behalf. Failure to do so could invalidate your insurance cover with the result that claims may not be paid, or indemnity refused, by your insurer. If you are in any doubt as to your duties regarding notification of claims please contact us and we will be happy to clarify any queries you may have. This is a very important aspect of your insurance policy cover/conditions.

It is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information for insurers when arranging an insurance policy, throughout the period the policy is in force, and when you are renewing it. It is important that you ensure that all information provided and all statements made on proposal forms, claim forms and other documents are complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief. Failure to disclose any material information could invalidate your insurance and result in all or part of a claim not being paid.

Property insurance/material damage insurance provides cover for replacement as new of property lost, destroyed or damaged including, where relevant, the cost of site clearance, debris removal, architects surveyors and consultants fees necessarily incurred in the reinstatement of the property and the additional cost of meeting public authorities and EU building/planning requirements (for full details of the cover provided please refer to your policy document). It is essential for you to make sure that your sums insured are adequate to meet the cost of replacement/ reinstatement as new.

Property insurance policies include a clause known as the “Average” clause. This clause states that if the property is insured for a sum lower than the cost of replacement then any claim payment will be reduced in proportion to amount the sum insured bears to the cost of replacement. As an example: if a building costs say €300,000 to rebuild as new but the sum insured is €150,000 (50% of the replacement value) and a claim in the sum of €20,000 occurs the settlement will be reduced by 50% to €10,000 thus reflecting the % that the sum insured bears to the replacement value. We are not experts in rebuilding costs therefore you should take advice from a suitably qualified professional in order to establish the correct cost of rebuilding as new including the ancillary costs referred to above. This is a very important issue and requires careful attention. Please refer to us if you have any queries or concerns about the average clause/ sums insured and we will clarify your queries.

Patton Insurance Limited trading as Harte Insurance

December 2019